Oh Man, This Is Gonna Be Great! *Rubs Hands*

PAGE SIX has a sneak peek from DEADSPIN Editor Will Leitch’s upcoming book called “God Save The Fan“.

Will Leitch God Save The Fan

The flavorful slices center on some of our favorite folks at ESPN, namely Chris Berman, Sean Salisbury and Scott Van Pelt (we actually do like him, mind you).

Sean Salisbury No Internet

Here’s Leitch riffing on Salisbury: “This blustery, mentally deformed NFL analyst reportedly took a picture of his penis and sent it out to female colleagues encouraging them to meet ‘Lil Sean.’

We actually think of Merrill Hoge first when we hear “mentally deformed”, but we’ll roll with it.

The Page Six excerpts read like a tracklisting of Deadspin’s greatest hits, but we’re guessing the book will be about more than SVP’s ill-advised phone messages and Berman’s bar exploits. Leitch’s book is due to come out on Jan. 22, just in time for … uh … President’s Day!