Oh Jeez, The Old “Invisible Referee” Trick Again

Referees: You need ‘em. You may not like ‘em, but without referees, linemen would hold on every play, NBA players would travel with impunity, and hockey players would fight all the time. Err, bad examples, all of them.


But seriously, you need referees, which made yesterday’s Region 7-AAAA playoff game in Georgia so unfortunate. The referees’ association just plain forgot to assign any (did we mention this was a regional championship? It was. Whoops!).

To make matters worse… they still haven’t gotten any refs there! Everyone’s tired and hungry and… okay, I made that up. After another football game in Marietta ended (three hours later), the referees took a police escort to the game in Sprayberry and eventually, finally, Sprayberry defeated Rome, 27-6.

The story doesn’t end badly for Rome, as both teams are still going to the AAAA playoffs and hosting first-round games, which makes us wonder why, exactly, this game was even being played in the first place. Boredom? Sure.