Oh Hell Nah: KKK Planning Rally @ Ole Miss Game

LSU’s student paper, THE DAILY REVEILLE, reports the Ku Klux Klan will stage a university-approved protest on the Ole Miss campus Saturday from 10am to 11pm. The Rebels host LSU in a football game at 3:30 ET.

KKK To Protest At Ole Miss-LSU Game

Shane Tate, the North Mississippi great titan for the Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, confirmed via e-mail the KKK will rally on Ole Miss’ campus in protest of the Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones’ decision to remove “From Dixie with Love” from the Ole Miss band’s song selection.

From Dixie with Love is the song that contains the lyric, “the South will rise again.

More from KKK member Tate:

We aren’t coming there to cause problems or cause trouble. Trouble has already been caused by a handful at Ole Miss, including the black student body president, who wants to shape Ole Miss into yet another liberal sodomite college.

Now for the scary part: the university is cool with the display.*

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(Barbara Lago, Ole Miss director of media and public relations) confirmed Ole Miss has been contacted by the KKK and said the group has the right to voice its opinions as long as it doesn’t interfere with university activity or the personal rights of others.

Has there ever been an organization in the history of the world that has done more to interfere with the “personal rights of others”?

Based on the student body’s refusal to stop chanting the phrase “the south will rise again” - since the Ole Miss Chancellor enacted the ban - I wouldn’t be surprised if the KKK doesn’t have some stealth supporters from within the student body.

I graduated from the University of Georgia and experienced the undercurrent of racism from my fellow students in the ’90s. I would guess that phenomena is just as prominent at Ole Miss.

It will be very interesting to see how the media covers the protest. Because the game doesn’t hold much importance on the national level, I have a feeling we’ll only see a few seconds of it on ESPN and other national sports outlets. If at all.

We’ll see more coverage on CNN and other major news outlets, who are probably salivating at the prospect of drumming up ratings with wall-to-wall coverage. Of course, that’s the only reason the protest is taking place. It’s not to affect change but instead to antagonize and increase the despicable organization’s notoriety.

*UPDATE*: As I’m being assailed in the comments, let me state that I’m biased when it comes to peaceable assembly. People walking around in masks and preaching threatening rhetoric represents a danger to the public in my opinion.

I think there are plenty of state colleges which would not allow the KKK to demonstrate on its campus under these circumstances.

I fully understand that Ole Miss, by approving the demonstration, does not endorse the KKK’s views, so my characterization of the school being “cool with it” was perhaps misleading.