For Berman On Boardwalk & Baseball Again *Sigh*

The WALL STREET JOURNAL bemuses us with a report that ESPN is making “a step toward reinventing the franchise” by “raiding news organizations for sports journalists, from big-name players like columnist Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated to behind-the-scenes talent” like former NEW YORK TIMES Deputy Sports Editor Kristin Huckshorn.

ESPN The Collection Agency

Apparently understanding that most people under the age of 50 now get their scores and highlights (and commentary) from the internet, ESPN is “bulking up on content that is harder to duplicate. Rather than just introducing game video, the idea is to serve up breaking news and expert analysis, aggressively blanketing TV, the Internet, the magazine and even cellphones.

ESPN Executive VP/Content John Skipper said, “As more money moves towards the Internet, you’re going to have to have talent. The talent is going to have to come from traditional media.

Dan Shaughnessy Sam Smith Bill Conlin Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians

Of course! We fully expect Rick Reilly and the Deputy Sports Editor of the NYT to bring ESPN out of its steady decline. We really think they should also consider Sam Smith, Dan Shaughnessy and Bill Conlin as well to liven things up.