Carumba, Omar Vizquel Wants To Be A Bullfighter

When last we left Omar Vizquel during the off season, he was wrestling anacondas. This year following the Texas Rangers’ World Series appearance (laugh track), Vizquel wants to climb into the ring with a larger opponent.

Omar Vizquel

In a conflict as old as mammals themselves, it will be American League infielder vs. bull in a struggle for survival. Vizquel wants to learn to be a matador when he returns to his native Venezuela later this month. Your move, PETA.

“Just go and learn the basics and stuff,” Vizquel told the ASSOCIATED PRESS. “It’s one of my things on the to-do list. There’s a lot of things still to do.”

There are few players who can match Vizquel’s offseason pursuits. Among the other adventures he hopes for: parachuting, flying in an F-16 jet and attending all three Triple Crown horse races.

Yeah, learn the basics, just like Junior Seau.

“Bullfighting? You are the most interesting man in the world,” Chris Davis, his 23-year-old teammate, said after overhearing the latest plans.

And the finest quote we leave for last, because I think it just may enter the baseball lexicon.

“Knowing him, if they gore, he’ll just take horn,” manager Ron Washington said.

So from now on, if an athlete is injured but stays in the game and toughs it out, we say “He’s taking horn.” Make a note of it.

In the meantime, here’s some homework, Omar: