Official Expiration Date For Our National Pastime Is September 6th

OFFICIAL EXP. DATE FOR OUR NATIONAL PASTIME = 9/6: Opening Day was yesterday, and it’s great to have the grand ol’ game back (until the Colts and Saints tee it up in the first week of September).

Cardinals Map Image

The Reds lid-lifter is always a traditional delight, and this year was no different, with the pregame downtown parade featuring colons on wheels, synchronized lawnmowers and announcer crutch catch phrases:

Reds Opening Day

Speaking of announcers, legendary Detroit Tigers voice Ernie Harwell was on hand to greet fans before the first crack of the bat at Comerica Park:

Ernie Harwell Opening Day

And then there’s the Washington Nationals, who were able to locate four Presidents who weren’t afraid to be booed in public while throwing out the first pitch were ready, willing and able to entertain fans:

Washington Nationals Presidents

I might be wrong about Bush though, maybe he just wanted to avoid having to looking some serious badasses in the eye.

Washington Nationals Badasses