“Offensive” Colt McCoy Billboard Gets The Hook

Randy Stevens of the SAN MARCOS (TX) DAILY RECORD reports this week that a billboard advertising a cable television service featuring an image of Colt McCoy has been taken down after numerous complaints from San Marcos residents.

Colt McCoy San Marcos Billboard Taken Down

San Marcos is the home of Texas State University and residents were reportedly offended by the image of ex-Texas Longhorn McCoy and the slogan “Get Hooked” being included in the ad.

Hutch Bass is the VP of Grande Communications, the company that put up the billboard:

“We went over the input we received and we decided to change the billboard. We apologize if we offended in Texas State fans. Certainly, that was never our intent. We listened to the market and we are going to change the ad to something more appropriate.”

The backdown was a mere 48 hours after Bass attempted to justify the billboard to Stevens of the Daily Record:

So then why is McCoy throwing pitches at Bobcats? Two words: Market research.

“He’s part of a state-wide campaign and research showed that Colt has a tremendous statewide appeal as a Texan who is going to start his NFL career. We have also found out through research that a lot of Texas State fans are UT fans, and visa versa. There’s a significant overlap, and it’s a case where both fans wants each others’ teams to succeed.”

A statewide campaign in Texas for cable TV services involving a UT Longhorn fresh out of college?

So that “research” must also indicate that College Station, Waco and Lubbock aren’t wired for cable, right?