Of Soccer, Radio Shack, & Mexican Voodoo Dolls

There are many reasons for and against closing the prison at Guantánamo Bay. But what concerns me most is where we will put the real traitors, like Radio Shack.

Voodoo Doll

The fifth column of consumer electronics was taking part in a promotion in Mexico, offering fans voodoo dolls of US National Team players in advance of this month’s US-Mexico World Cup qualifier.

I understand that Mexico would need to turn to black magic to reverse their 9-year losing streak against us, but why does it have to be sponsored by the place I overpaid for my phone charger?

Thankfully, Texas-based Radio Shack is backing out of the promotion after realizing, hey, it might not be the best PR to be using witchcraft against its country’s national soccer team.

Radio Shack on Wednesday ordered its Mexican division not to distribute some 8,700 voodoo dolls wearing US soccer shirts.

The dolls were promised in a promotion in the sports newspaper Record in exchange for printed cut-out dolls, Katia Santiago, at the Mexican Radio Shack’s publicity department, told AFP.

Radio Shack argued “that a US company cannot support a situation that goes against the (national) team,” Record said on its web site.

Record, which is supporting Mexico in regional knockout matches ahead of the 2010 South Africa World Cup, said the promotion would still go ahead and that it would shortly inform its readers of new distribution points.

“Imagine that it’s a player from the opposite team and put pins where you want to,” the newspaper said, calling the dolls a “secret weapon.”