Of Bo Scaife, Wikipedia, And 10-Year-Old Vandals

When it comes to sports news, never trust anything you read online. Especially anything by Peter King. But especially anything on Wikipedia.

Bo Scaife

Titans TE Bo Scaife knew not to panic this week when he was flooded with phone calls asking about his trade to the Eagles. But that’s why you don’t automatically believe Wikipedia, especially when updated by a grade school kid who just got done defacing Donovan McNabb’s page.

Considering Scaife had just had the franchise tag slapped on him, he knew he wasn’t going anyone. Add that to the fact the Eagles just spent a high round pick on a tight end, and they knew they weren’t trading Reggie Brown and a 2010 3rd rounder, as the report had it. But that didn’t stop friends from freaking out.

“I heard something like that, and my phone was going off the hook. I knew that wasn’t true. I had to sign my deal first before anything like that could go down,” Scaife said.

One of the beauties of Wikipedia is the ease of detective work. A few minutes of poking around, and I learned that user Bluesushi456 made the following addition to Donovan McNabb’s page: “The Eagles selected him as the second overall pick of the 1999 NFL Draft and caleb lopez is the gayest kid alive and is also the captin of the winne squad.”

When that was reverted, he changed one instance of “McNabb” to “Mcnabb,” perhaps hoping it wouldn’t be noticed. It was.

So, is there nothing better to do in the suburbs of Nashville? I can pin him down so precisely, because according to his other Wikipedia edits, Bluesushi456 knows an awful lot about the Main Street Festival in Franklin, TN, and a lot about Franklin Road Academy, a Christian school in Franklin.

Who says you can’t learn anything from Wikipedia?