Odell Thurman Wanted for Assault at a Water Park

High prices, long lines and potential for contracting a staph infection are already on the list of reasons why you hate water parks. Now, thanks to Odell Thurman, you can add “fear of having jaw broken by a former Cincinnati Bengal” to that list.

Former Bengal Odell Thurman

The SANDUSKY REGISTER reports, “On May 27, Thurman was involved in an altercation at Kalahari Waterpark Resort where he punched another man in the face, breaking his jaw, said Erie County Sheriff’s office Det. Bob Lippert.” The report adds, “‘They were both just guests at the resort,’ Lippert said, adding that the argument was over a place in line.”

On Friday, local law enforcers were unable to locate the former linebacker. If you’ve seen Thurman, run. Especially if you’re in line for the Zimbabwe Zipper or any of the other rides found inside an indoor waterpark. When you’re done running, call your local detectives to inform them of his whereabouts.