Od-ashian Nuptials Beat Mad Men In TV Ratings

The ratings are out and the Khloe Kardashian-Lamar Odom wedding special on E! beat AMC’s season finale of “Mad Men” by a substantial amount last week, to the surprise of no one. But to be fair, you can’t really compare the two events. One’s a show about cutthroat advertising execs pushing their product with little regard for morals or truth, and the other is “Mad Men.”

Look, let’s just agree that both were fiction. Season three of “Mad Men” ended with pretty hefty ratings, as is befitting one of the best shows on television. Well-acted, superbly written, with something to say about who we are as Americans and where we seem to be going. But on the other channel, hey, look at Khloe’s wedding dress!

I’ve never seen a single instant of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” so I’ll keep further opinions about the relative worth of the two shows to myself.  But the two-hour wedding episode drew nearly 3.2 million viewers and scored a 3.92 rating among women 18-34, becoming the most-watched E! broadcast ever in that demo.

Sunday’s “Mad Men” finale drew 2.3 million viewers, a 33 percent increase over last season’s final episode. The season three premiere had brought in 2.8 million viewers in August.

Among adults 18-49, “Mad men” drew just over 1.1 million viewers, a whopping 56 percent increase over the season two finale. AMC also wants you to know that “Mad Men” remains the most upscale series on basic cable, with fully half of its adults 25-54 audience pulling down more than $100,000 per year.

I didn’t see it; were Shaq and Shaunie at the wedding? Who caught the boquet?