Ochocinco Will Do Lambeau Leap Against Packers

Chad Ochocinco: Delusional, with a side of megalomania? Sure. But he’s also entertaining. And you should probably get to know him this week, because after Sunday he may not be around.

Chad Ochocinco

In a conference call with reporters who cover the Packers this morning, our protagonist said that he is planning on doing the Lambeau Leap if he scores a touchdown at Green Bay. Won’t that like, hurt, due to all the punching and being pummeled with beer bottles and wedges of Styrofoam cheese? No, says Ocho.

“I enjoy the Dog Pound (in Cleveland) when I jump in there. They embrace me. I’m looking for the Cheeseheads to embrace Ocho also.”

Yeah, that’s pretty much the way PFT’s Mike Florio remembers your encounter with the Dog Pound as well.

More Ochocinco gems as reported by the GREEN BAY PRESS GAZETTE:

Ochocinco: “I’m just really focused on going out there and having some fun, and looking to be embraced by the Packers fans, and hopefully I can Lambeau Leap.”

Q: Would you really do that?

“Yeah, it’s no disrespect, especially coming from me, you know how I am. I just go out there and have fun. I enjoy the Dog Pound (in Cleveland) when I jump in there. They embrace me. I’m looking for the Cheeseheads to embrace Ocho also.”

Q: What do you think the reaction would be if you did the Lambeau Leap?

“I’m not sure. If they’re to accept one individual out of all the NFL teams to embrace if he got in the stands, I think I should be that one. I’m no harm. It’s all fun. It’s all entertainment, and it’s really a challenge for myself and for that defense and that secondary to stop me from doing what I’m coming in there to do, and that’s to do everything I can to get us a ‘W’.”

Ochocinco: “Tell Nick Barnett, I’m coming for his head. I want you all to give him that message.”

Q: Can’t you just Tweet him that yourself?

Ochocinco: “I don’t want to Tweet that, I want you to tell him. And let the Packer Nation know that we’re coming to town, and I’m looking forward to entertaining and bringing a little fun to the city and with no disrespect.”

Q: What will be like to face Al Harris and Charles Woodson?

Ochocinco: “It doesn’t matter who I see, they all will get the same treatment, which is a blessing. That’s the reason games are played on Sunday. You know, they miss church, so I will gladly bless them throughout the entire four quarters.”

Q: Was last week’s loss to Denver on that tipped pass the worst way to lose a game?

Ochocinco: “Yeah, that’s the toughest way I’ve lost in real life and on a video game. I’ve never seen anything like that before. That was ridiculous. I mean, lucky play, lucky bounce.”

Speaking of Ocho on Twitter, apparently he’s just been made aware of the fake Twitter Ochocinco who now has more than 58,000 followers. The real Ocho tweets with a fan today:

@OGOchoCinco The person pretending to be you has 57,000 followers people really think its you.

@M10C how can we let that 57,000 people know they’re following the wrong person, how could they not know