Ochocinco Punks Us All With Fake Tattoos (Zzzzz)

So that Twitter alert by Chad Ochocinco yesterday, where he told everyone that he’s getting facial tattoos, and included these photos? It was a fake. The playful Bengal was having some fun at our expense! What a rapscallion! That certainly was humorous! (Yawns, resumes watching “Harper’s Island”).

Chad Ochocinco tattoos

The artist formerly known as Chad Johnson sent out a Tweet today informing everyone of the fake. Good thing, because that one on the right looks like a penis. Oh wait, it’s Florida.

Mr. Ochocinco’s latest Twitter feed:

The entire twitt world and media outlets got punked, that was my twitt joke from yesterday, they follow I’ll have fun with it.

Well, maybe not the entire “twitt world.” Not even Shaq knew about it. This showed very little creativity, Chad. If you wanted to really get us going, you would have used the one below.

Jonas Brothers tattoo