Ocho Cinco: More Arrests Would Mean More Wins

Never a dull moment when Chad Javon Ocho Cinco Johnson, Esq., is in earshot of a microphone or reporter’s notepad. We’ve already been treated today to the receiver’s promise that he’ll kiss the Cowboys star if when he’s scores a TD in Big D this weekend.

Chad Johnson thumbs up

Now Chad makes it twice as nice for our Thursday reporting. He seems to know why the Cincinnati Bengals have been slipping in the win column. It’s not the offensive offense or the doubtful defense, it’s just that the Bengals aren’t breaking the law like they used to.

PRO FOOTBALL TALK hikes over an amusing article from THE SPORTING BLOG, where Ocho explains how the Bengals can be good once again - by being bad:

“You remember our ‘05 season right? Our ‘05 season we were unbelievable. Our ‘05 season is the year everybody went to jail and got arrested. That year everybody got in trouble. So maybe the bad was a good thing. It sounds dumb to say, but look at it. We have cleaned house and nobody is getting in trouble anymore, no DUIs, no arrests, now we’re getting our a– whopped. Maybe I don’t know, maybe I should go out have a drink, get in trouble. Our ‘05 was one of the best years here in history. It was one of those years where there was a lot of distractions”

Sounds like Chad has had a few already.

But don’t worry, O.C. - the Bengals are way ahead of you. Why else would they sign Cedric Benson and bring Chris Henry back into the fold?

Don’t go changing, Chad. Can you imagine if this guy was in the same lineup as Terrell Owens? That’s a reality show just screaming to be made. And Ocho & T.O. will gladly scream about it until production gets going.