Ochocinco Gets Carried Away With Twitter Retort

This Twitter thingy is getting out of hand, yeah? It’s not Twitter’s fault and it’s not the media’s fault; if pro athletes would stop saying ridiculous nonsense for everyone to see, we’d stop reporting on the damn thing. But as it happens, pro athletes aren’t exactly the shy, introspective type -  until the day comes that the athletes are silenced forever, we’re going to follow their meltdowns, 140 characters at a time.

Chad Ocho Cinco Twitter Fail Whale

Chad Ochocinco, for example, has never been exactly shy about oversharing via Twitter…or any other medium, for that matter. It fits with his personality and endears him to his legions of fans who are sick of meaningless platitudes from pro athletes. But his goodwill with fans depends on him engaging with them in a friendly way - insults don’t make friends, as momma used to say. So perhaps it was a bad idea, then, to suggest that a female Twitterer/bloggersupport and do whatever the man says.” Hell hath no fury…

In fairness, he was responding to Pittsburgh-based sports blogger TheStarterWife, whose nom de blog could be misconstrued by the uninitated as some sort of practicing housewife reference, instead of the Gigi Levangie Grazer novel of the same name. TSW and fellow blogger Josh “PUNTE” Zerkle called Ochocinco out for Tweeting during a team movie - nobody likes the cellphone-in-the-theater guy - and Ochocinco’s response was harsh…and vaguely sexist:

Ocho Cinco Twitter The Starter Wife Josh Zerkle

TSW went on to educate the receiver on the merits of the eponymous book, tensions were defused, and everyone went on their merry way. But imagine if Ochocinco had called out a less accommodating Tweeter…the Bengals have enough problems without Martha Burk standing outside protesting.

As someone who has written more than my fair share of failed jokes and obscure references in my day, I’ve seen the fallout that can occur when my intentions are misconstrued. Today’s foray into vaguely sexist comments may not end up making an impression on anyone outside the blogosphere, but we’re inching ever closer to an incident that blows up in everyone’s face and ruins the Twitter fad forever.