Obsessed Joe Beimel Fan Finally Goes Over Edge

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that a grown man with an obsession with making YouTube videos about MLB reliever Joe Beimel would be arrested for alleged domestic violence against his kids. Still, this one kind of comes out of left field. If you don’t already know him, meet Troy Sexton, aka Troy From West Virginia, a somewhat deranged baseball fan who has a man crush on Colorado Rockies reliever Beimel.

Troy Sexton

Sexton has made somewhat of a name for himself with his tribute videos to Beimel. How much does he love the former Dodgers reliever? In one, he’s seen snuggling a Joe Beimel bobblehead doll in bed. OK, then. Well, now ol’ Troy is in trouble with the high sheriff, having been arrested for throwing his six-year-old son over a fence during a youth football practice.

I’m afraid you read that correctly. Sexton, for some reason, was dragging the kid by his ankle, then when he reached a short fence, tossed him over it. Oh, and he has twins: He also pushed his other six-year-old to the ground during the same incident. Police were called and jailarity ensued.

Troy P. Sexton, 36, was arrested at Winfield Elementary School on Thursday. Sexton allegedly “pinched and twisted” his son’s hip, then grabbed him by the ankle, held him upside down and walked across the field, causing his son to bang his helmeted head on the ground, according to a criminal complaint filed in Putnam County Magistrate Court.

“When [Sexton] reached the fence bordering the ball field, he threw him across it hard onto the ground,” Patrolman Al Mick of the Winfield Police Department wrote in the complaint.

A witness yelled “You can’t do that to a child!”, to which Sexton allegedly replied, “Mind your own f—ing business!” Mick wrote in the complaint.

Sexton was charged with two counts of domestic battery, and released after posting $20,000 bail. And one can bet that it wasn’t Beimel who paid for it; the reliever had a chance to do so once before, and declined. In June of 2008, Sexton was arrested at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati for fighting.

Sexton engaged in a physical altercation and refused to stop fighting when asked, according to the report. His arrest came after Beimel recorded two groundouts to help the Dodgers escaped a seventh-inning jam.

Beimel has met Sexton and even appeared in a YouTube video responding to the man, but asked if he might have the money to post bond, the left-hander smiled and said, “I have it. He’s not getting it.”

Here’s Troy’s site, and below is his YouTube magnum opus, ironically (considering the domestic violence charges) set to the tune of “My Best Friend.”