Obama’s Campaign Manager Matched Perfectly?

We’re just floating back into WiFi range after a weekend adrift on flooded plains, so we’re just now able to talk about another of our arranged marriages we attempt occasionally. In this case, it could be the biggest powerhouse political marriage since Bill and Hillary, James Carville and Mary Matalin, and Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon.

Barack Obama

(”Thumbs up to trying to hook up my campaign manager!”)

We read over the weekend about a campaign power broker that has risen to national attention with Barack Obama’s ascension to the Democratic nomination for President. David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign manager in 2004’s successful Senatorial bid and in his current campaign, has been christened the current political genius of this campaign season.

Plouffe also has an unabiding passion for baseball, having grown up a Phillies fan in Delaware and owning Nationals season tickets. (That’s dedication to the craft, really.) Therefore, we couldn’t help but imagine another brilliant young man whose love for politics rivals his love for baseball. Also, the two men have a passion for numbers in both arenas, leading them to success.

David Plouffe, meet BASEBALL PROSPECTUS managing partner Nate Silver. Nate, meet David.

David Plouffe and Nate Silver

(David and Nate, sitting in an election cycle…)

Nate secretly started a politics’n'numbers blog for the 2008 election, recently admitting it was him offering comparables between Barack Obama and Wade Boggs in their WARP (Wins Above Replacement President). Plouffe played baseball in an organized league deep into his 30s.

Silver is a Chicago resident; Plouffe must spent much of his time in the city as part of the campaign, no? Gentlemen, we will purchase the first bottle of wine at Morton’s if you two get together and talk shop. Nate’s numbers and David’s savvy… that’s victory on most any scale.

We will also happily consider the position of “Official Presidential Blogger” if you two crazy kids hit it off. Mazel tov!