Obama Plays ‘White’ Basketball To Not Get Hurt?

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s SWAMP blog reports today that Barack Obama’s brother in law, Craig Robinson, a former basketball coach at Brown and now coach at Oregon State, said this to Real Sports about Obama’s basketball playing style: “He used to be a black player who plays black. Now he’s a black player who keeps white to keep from getting hurt.’’

Interesting observo from Coach Robinson. So we’re to believe that Obama was a regular D-Wade before he hit the seemingly endless campaign trail? And now he’s finishing like Billy Paultz? Actually, from the looks of his chances in the general election, that analysis really is (unintentionally) spot on.

It’s also nice that we won’t have to listen to conservative talk radio today, since we already know the subject matter they’ll be covering for four hours-a-throw.

We hear there may be an election at some point this year, involving Barry. Is there anyone besides the inside the beltway politicos who aren’t disgusted by the length of Presidential campaigns? And the embarrassingly petty points of contention brought up throughout about candidates.

There aren’t many things that make us embarrassed to be an American. But the nature of our presidential elections is one of them.