Obama Solves Economy Through Football Playoff

President-Elect Barack Obama sticks by his promises, no matter how difficult.  He proved he knew the hearts of middle America when he told Chris Berman on Monday Night Football just before the election that he would push for a college football playoff system.  No, it’s not what everyone wants, but he knew how to start a good sports argument, which everybody loves.

Barack Obama holds football

However, like everything associated with Chris Berman, no one believed it was a serious pursuit. And yet he will repeat the same demand for a college football playoff system on “60 Minutes” tonight.  He already has the job, so he doesn’t have to say it to win votes.  So now we have to wonder… just what the hell are you thinking, Mr. President-Elect?

Look, it’s one thing to take on world leaders and political heavyweights and organized crime and entrenched bureaucracies, but why on Earth do you think you can take the men in the ugly blazers?  Those magnificent bastards could survive a nuclear holocaust and still have Jerry the cockroach be the grand marshal of their bowl parade.

Also, why take on such a daunting task so early?  Why not tackle something easier, like health care or terrorism?  We can suffer through another Arby’s Sliced Meat By-Product Bowl for at least one more year.

(But not two.  Hurry!)