Obama On ND Fighting Irish Football: No We Can’t!

Poor Notre Dame - its football team gets grief even in May. First, President Obama gets back at commencement hecklers by taking shots at the Fighting Irish squad, and then we have some sort of Charlie Weis media guide fail.

President Obama Notre Dame commencement

Hecklers who thought they had gotten the best of Obama during Sunday’s commencement speech hadn’t counted on the President’s stop that evening at a Democratic fundraiser in Indianapolis. There he proved that revenge is a dish best served at $1,000 a plate.


After giving the commencement speech at Notre Dame, Obama spoke at an Indianapolis fundraiser Sunday night for the Democratic National Committee. He began his remarks by joking that he told The Rev. John Jenkins, the university president, that the controversy surrounding his campus appearance “paled in comparison to what to do about the football team.”

The Fighting Irish had records of 3-9 and 7-6 the past two seasons — the most losses at the school in a two-year period — and haven’t won a national championship since 1988.

“That’s an issue we may not resolve within my four years,” Obama said.

Yes we ca … um, no we can’t.

So I guess our only hope for another football national title trophy at Notre Dame is if Obama wins a second term. It’s like I’ve always thought: There will be a college football playoff system before Weis wins a national title.

Oh and speaking of Weis, apparently his losing seasons have been left out of the Notre Dame football media guide. As a rather famous Church Lady once asked, “Isn’t that conviiiiiiienient?”

Notre Dame omitted the losing seasons from Weis’ year-by-year biography on page 15 of the 2009 Spring Prospectus and page 90 of the 2008 football media guide. Among the omissions is the Irish’s 3-9 2007 season.

“That’s the way we did it at the time and that’s what we’ve lived with, for the most part,” said Notre Dame senior associate athletics director for media relations John Heisler said. “If you go back, it didn’t necessarily look the same as Bob (Davie)’s or Tyrone (Willingham)’s or anybody’s. We weren’t trying to make it look identical.”

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