Obama Big With NBA; Giuliani Gold With Owners

DC SPORTS BOG tallies up which pro athletes & team executives showed monetary support to this year’s presidential candidates.

Iowa caucus winner Barack Obama scored with the NBA crowd, getting contributions from Stephon Marbury, Grant Hill & Josh Childress, among others. Must be in acknowledgment of his own mad b-ball skills.

Obama basketball Hillary Clinton

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton appears to be a favorite of execs, receiving funds from David Stern, WNBA president Donna Orender, Eagles team president Joe Banner, and other office types from the NBA, MLB, and NFL Players Association. Must be the sexy suits she fashions.

Now that we know which sports types are dealing with Democrats, who’s rooting for Republicans?

When it comes to ownership, Rudy Giuliani owns the leaderboard, raking in dough from George Steinbrenner, Arte Moreno and NASCAR chairman Brian France. Rudy also revved up a lot more money from the racing crowd, with donations from drivers Jimmie Johnson & Casey Mears.

Rudy Giuliani Red Sox

He also got some moolah from many Yankees execs, but it must have been before Rudy emigrated to Red Sox Nation.

No matter who is/was in the race, everybody seemed to get something from some sports figure. John Edwards received $1,000 from Martina Navratilova, while John McCain snatched $2,300 from Jerry Jones.

But the biggest of all was Tampa Bay Lightning GM Jay Feaster giving Sam Brownback a whopping $250. (We’re sure if the NHL had a better TV deal, Jay could afford to give more.)