Blog-Obama: Barack over McCain in Bobblelection

• The (foul) polls have closed, and the DAILY KOS announces that Barack Obama has swept the minor league bobblelection.

Obama McCain bobbleheads

• No wonder, since THE BIG LEAD realized that John McCain likes to go back on promises made to talk to sports bloggers.

• Meanwhile, MEDIA GENERAL tunes in & learns that South Carolina football games will be airing at the same time as both convention speeches.

• YAHOO’S PUCK DADDY gets chills thinking about a hockey game taking place in a glacier cave 12,000 feet above sea level.

• STEROID NATION shoots up a cheat sheet listing all the Olympic hopefuls who were caught doping before the Games.

Luke DeCock (no, really) from the RALEIGH NEWS OBSERVER finds one golfer not so golden about bringing his sport to the Olympics.

• PITTSBURGH SPORTS AND MINI PONIES drinks in video of Steelers fans enjoying a family-sized beer bong. Wonder where they got that idea.

• RANDBALL is pitching a new baseball stat for fans to keep track of - the Meaningful Home Run Index.

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