Oakland Raiders Coach Hospitalized With Viral Infection

KIFFIN’S NEW JOB AS RAIDERS COACH MAKING HIM SICK: This is what happens when you leave La-La-Land for The Black Hole: Oakland Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin has been hospitalized with a viral infection:

Lane Kiffin Barf Bag

CBS SPORTLINE heaves up news that Kiffin went in on Monday after feeling ill for a few days. But the former USC O.C. was strong enough to stomach the Raiders’ preseason victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday.

To show what an impression the 32-year-old coach has made on his new team, CBS SPORTSLINE adds, “some players weren’t even aware Kiffin was absent until they took the field.”

Lane Kiffin Al Davis

So, giving up the chance to get a couple more national championships and hanging out at beach volleyball tournaments in L.A. - so you can work for Al Davis? Yeah, we’d be sick, too.