Nyjer Morgan Loves Red, Is Possibly A Major Loon

There’s something about the name Morgan that just brings out the crazy in professional baseball — not that that’s a bad thing, necessarily. Know why Nyjer Morgan was happy about going from the Pirates to the Nationals? He likes the color red.

Nyjer Morgan (right)

(Washington Nationals socks uniformity Fail) 

As you can see in the photo above (Morgan is on the right), he likes red the way that a certain Almighty Creator archfiend likes red. And if that seems like an odd way to think, I present you with the receptionist who wins your NCAA office basketball pool every year by picking teams based on uniform color.

DC SPORTS BOG has the details:

“I actually love it,” Morgan said. “Just to wear that red white and blue, I think it’s something special. And plus, I needed a different change of color anyway, because every team I played with in my career has always been either black or a solid dark color. So I finally got a chance to wear some red, so that’s why I’m loving it.”

Morgan then quickly transitioned from charming eccentric to certifiable loon.

“But I don’t really think it’s that bad of a team. I mean, we’ve got a solid offense, you know, got good young pitching coming up. I mean, [shoot], you’ve got all the pieces there, man. I mean, there’s probably a couple pieces that they probably need to definitely get, but in my eyes, I think it’s something special here.”

It’s really a shame that he marred an otherwise sane and thoughtful quote with a profanity.

Another big reason Morgan is excited to be in Washington D.C.? He loves hockey. Of course he does.

“Oh, I think [Alex Ovechkin] a helluva player,” Morgan said. “Shoot, that’s basically what the hockey world needed, definitely coming after that strike and everything, with Ovechkin and Crosby. Those two boys are something special. That’s a special breed, just to be in that city and to able to watch a guy of that caliber.”

Nyjer, in fact, played junior hockey in Canada and has skated with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Just the thing you’d expect from a kid who grew up in San Francisco. Wait, what?