Inevitable: Tony Romo Dumping Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Tony Romo Girlfriend

OK magazine reports on its website this week that Tony Romo has learned a long, very hard lesson by taking on the monster that is Team Simpson.

After realizing the ridicule he was held up to for the Cabo vacation debacle, especially in the light of the Cowboys’ unexpected loss to the Giants the next weekend, Romo reportedly told Jessica Simpson last week that “he thought it was better if they went back to being friends.

Simpson resisted Romo’s suggestion, so the Cowboys QB made her an offer she could refuse.

Jessica Simpson

A source tells OK that “Jessica refused to give up, and so Tony invited her on what he thought would be the worst date of her life: a hunting trip! ‘It’s Tony’s way of punishing Jess,’ laughs her friend. ‘Jessica Simpson hunting — and without her entourage? Forget it!’

Another “insider” to OK: “Tony has finally started to realize how high-maintenance Jessica is. We’re talking diva status. She comes with an entourage, and that includes her dad, Joe Simpson. What’s not to love?”

Meanwhile, the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS adds to OK’s reporting, noting the same magazine (apparently the print version) reported “A final breaking point came when Romo told Simpson he wouldn’t move to L.A. - and she responded there was no way she could leave Tinseltown.

Too little, too late, Cowboys fans?

Well, there’s always those Diet Pepsi residuals.