N.Y. Rangers Coach Tortorella Fights Caps Fans

The first round playoff series between the Capitals and Rangers has been getting testy, with desperate Caps fans frustrated beyond belief that their team is still struggling to win a playoff series. Well, in the midst of a season-saving blowout of New York on Friday, fans were laying the verbal abuse — and maybe something else — on Rangers coach John Tortorella, who decided he’d had just about enough.

john tortorella rangers

That’s when Tortorella took things into his own hands, turning around and confronting the Washington fans after someone reportedly tossed a beer on his head. He threw a water bottle into the stands and grabbed a stick, pointing it at the fans and threatening a charge out of the coaches box before being restrained by assistant coach Jim Schoenfeld. If it sounds too crazy to believe, just check out the video after the jump.

The woman who was hit in the head with the water bottle — Capitals season ticket holder Claudette Chandonia — has already come out asking for Tortorella to be sanctioned, claiming that the attack was unprovoked. Now it looks like Chandonia may get her wish, with NHL spokesman John Dellapina telling USA TODAY that the league is investigating the incident.

Tortorella made things even more tense in the postgame press conference, refusing to answer any questions about the incident, to the point that the Rangers’ media handler threatened to end the press conference all together.

Only Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau had any sense of humor about the face off between his team’s fans and his colleague on the other bench, as he relayed via Yahoo!’s PUCK DADDY:

Capitals Coach Bruce Boudreau was unaware that the incident had occurred, and wondered what the delay was about. Did Boudreau ever have something like that happen to him during his minor league days? “I can’t even remember. But I was in ‘Slap Shot,’” he said.

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