NY Jets Hire Jenn Sterger To Host Gameday Show

Apparently, trading for Brett Favre wasn’t enough of a marketing coup for the Jets. This afternoon, the team announced that Jenn Sterger has been hired to serve as the team’s gameday host. This is a brilliant move in much the same way ESPN’s audience benefited from Emmitt Smith’s presence on NFL SUNDAY COUNTDOWN.

Jenn Sterger to the Jets

Sterger, who became something of an internet sensation when she started penning columns for Sports Illustrated in 2006 (but before getting unceremoniously dumped), has parlayed that fame into spreads in both MAXIM and PLAYBOY, and today, she’s an employee of an NFL football team. It all makes perfect sense.


“It will be fun. It’s going to be sassy,” Jenn told me recently of her new role. “I plan on fully embracing my new role as a New Yorker.”

In her new position, she will interview celebrities and will host a pregame “Keys to the Game” segment and the club’s pregame components up until player introductions. She’ll also play a role during TV timeouts and at halftime.

Wow, innovative! An attractive host talking sports! The ratings will be through the roof!

Seriously, does anybody expect this to be something other than an unmitigated disaster? Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m guessing Sterger couldn’t name the Jets’ backup quarterback, which seems sort of important for this gig. Or she could just make up for her lack of knowledge by forgetting to button her top (assuming she’ll be required to wear one). Either way works, really.

Of course, maybe the brain trusts behind this are hoping to play up the unintentional comedy angle. In which case, this should be a resounding success.