Nutty Squirrel Interrupts Indians-White Sox Game

Here’s some lighter fare as we round out this Friday afternoon. Below is video via AWFUL ANNOUNCING of a squirrel that snuck onto the field during yesterday’s Indians/White Sox game. That’s happened occasionally during baseball games and Christmas dinners but this guy stole the show, making his way from the outfield and along the entire perimeter of the park as well as the infield in a manner that usually gets you bruised and cuffed before a side trip to the police station.

This guy’s crime was more one of innocent joy in hard times than aggressive, sometimes naked stupidity we humans suffer from upon entering the field of play.

Video of the squirrely behavior after the jump.

Fortunately for the squirrel, burly security guards were not needed as a few people armed with rakes escorted him out. Clark W. Griswold would be proud.

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