NutriSystem Spokesman Golic Calls Food “Awful”

If you watch any sports television at all (and if you don’t, how did you end up on this site?) then you’ve seen the NutriSystem commercials featuring a bunch of aging fat sports figures like Dan Marino and Chris Berman (and Larry the Cable Guy?) talking about how it’s OK — and in fact delicious — for dudes to go on a diet.

Mike Golic

One of the most prominent spokesmen for NutriSystem on commercials airing on ESPN is their very own Mike Golic, who claims to have lost 51 pounds. Well, TMZ recently caught up with Golic and his morning co-host Mike Greenberg outside of David Letterman’s studio.

As he was signing a few autographs (yes, people actually gathered on 53rd Street to get their autographs), Golic had a few words about NutriSystem that the company may not be all that pleased with…

Golic seemed to not know he was on camera while the TMZ “spy” asked him some questions about NutriSystem. Here’s a short transcript:

TMZ: How’s Nutrisystem going?

Golic: It’s working so far.

TMZ: Is that food really good?

Golic: Nah, some of it’s good, some of it’s awful.

TMZ: What’s your favorite?

Golic: Like, the breakfast bars and stuff.

TMZ: What’s the worst?

Golic: Some of the dinners. 

TMZ: Is it all microwavable?

Golic: Yeah, it’s all like that.

TMZ: You can’t survive on that. No wonder you lose weight.

Golic: Yeah, and you know what, the portions are small. 

Perhaps you should’ve just stopped with “it’s working so far,” Mike. Golic does admit in his NutriSystem “success story” on their website that he’s learned about eating smaller portions, but some of the faces he makes on the TMZ video aren’t those of a guy who’s really excited about what he’s eating. Although if the point is simply to drop pounds, then I guess it worked even if the meals aren’t as great as advertised on TV.

The TMZ video is available here.