Nutcase Fan Can’t Keep Federer From French Title

From the moment Rafa Nadal got knocked out last week, this French Open pretty much handed to Roger Federer. Upstart Swede Robin Soderling couldn’t stop him, and neither could one overzealous fan who came on to the court to try and give Federer an FC Barcelona hat midway through the second set.

Jimmy Jump and Roger Federer

We’re not huge tennis fans around here (huge tennis boobs are another story), so we welcome any attempts by streakers and nutjobs to liven up Roland Garros. And with one of the hardest-hitting security-on-fan tackles you’ll see, we can’t say this morning that tennis isn’t a contact sport.

Identity of the fan, and video after the jump.

Federer seems annoyed with the interruption, and the fans are polite tennis fans, sitting on their hands — until, BAM, he leaps the net and gets laid out by security. It’s moments like this that event security dreams about. Maybe they were dreaming about it, because it takes way too long for them to react when the fan approaches Federer.

As for the “fan” himself, knowledgeable sources have identified him as Jimmy Jump, Barca superfan. He’s another one of those annoying folk who try to get on the field at as many sporting events as possible.

How does this keep happening? Scottish police followed him from the airport and sat behind him at March’s Barcelona-Celtic match, to make sure he stayed in his seat. This is someone the police are watching; how does the French Open sell him a ticket to the men’s final?

You’d expect more from a sport that once had a star stabbed on the court by a spectator.