Nudie Model Runs Pro Volleyball League Biz Dev

My pals Scott (here at SbB) and DAULERIO at DSpin both covered Darren Rovell’s recent CNBC piece on the AVP’s steamy marketing efforts.

Kristine Lefebvre Nude Playboy Photos

I live right in the middle of AVP country with two yearly tournaments, at Hermosa and Manhattan Beaches, about 20 minutes from my front door. And another down at Huntington Beach in Orange County. If you’re a single guy on the westside of L.A., you know to always circle the calendar when those events are in town, since the bars in those beach cities are packed with plenty of leggy beauties all weekend.

Sweet Volleyball Seat

I’ve also been to the actual tournaments several times and never fail to scope sweet seats. They tell me the matches are highly competitive too.

The news of AVP’s promotional print techniques come as no surprise, considering the volleyball league already forces females to wear the micro bikinis you normally see in South America. But blogger Alana G. was actually able to find something even more titillating within the story.

Kristine Lefebvre

Turns out the woman who “spearheaded” the campaign, AVP Vice President of Business Development and Legal Affairs Kristine Lefebvre, posed nude for Playboy.

So does that mean we should expect her to soon interview with ESPN for a job? OK, probably not.

More pics after the jump.

Lefebvre landed the cover of Playboy after competing on TV’s The Apprentice. She’s also apparently repped other Playboy models like Pam Anderson in contract negotiations for appearances in the magazine. While also lawyering for the Los Angeles Kings.

Kristine Lefebvre

So a nudie model with a monster tramp stamp is also apparently an accomplished lawyer and reality TV star? Yeah, don’t need to check a map on this one, that’s L.A. all the way.

Kristine Lefebvre

Kristine Lefebvre

Kristine Lefebvre