Nude Model: Source Behind Tiger Infidelity Drama

Norm Clarke of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL reveals the previously-anonymous NATIONAL ENQUIRER source who started the entire Tiger Woods infidelity drama: Playboy Nude model Jennifer Lee Madden.

Jennifer Lee Madden Photos

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Madden was one of two women who created the entire Woods infidelity story for the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, along with former Rachel Uchitel acquaintance Ashley Samson. Madden claimed to the Enquirer in early November and on NBC’s ‘Dateline’ on December 11 that close friend Samson was lured on a trip to Spain by Uchitel without knowing it would be her job to ‘entertain’ random men she’d never met. Norm:

During her interview with “Dateline,” Madden, who previously knew Uchitel, offered extensive information about Samson’s trip to Marbella, Spain, allegedly an all-expenses paid arrangement by Uchitel’s male friends. Samson recently told the New York Daily News that Uchitel’s role in the arrangement was like a “madam.”

Samson is on the record stating that one of the reasons she went to the Enquirer and outed Uchitel and Woods was being misled about the trip to Spain by Uchitel. Both went to the Enquirer together in November to reveal the golfer’s trysts with Uchitel. (Samson said Uchitel was texting Woods and talking about the golfer non-stop on the trip.)

Rachel Uchitel And Ashley Samson Seen Together - Uchitel said they never met

(Madden along with Ashley Samson (above) outed Woods-Uchitel to mag)

It has not yet been reported if Madden was paid by the Enquirer for her story. Samson was reportedly paid $25,000 for giving up Uchitel’s secrets about Woods.

Madden normally makes her home in Vegas and also worked at The Bank with Kalika Moquin at the Bellagio Hotel - one of Woods’ primary hangouts.

Jennifer Lee Madden Nude Photos

Norm notes that Madden is now living in Louisiana with relatives and has dyed her hair brown. He doesn’t report why, but perhaps it something to do with the attention on Woods and how that could affect her life. More on Madden:

Madden is also a close friend of former Playmate of the Year Jenny McCarthy, who was guest photographer for a photo shoot with Madden, who dated magician Criss Angel and a number of other high-profile Las Vegans.

I’m sure McCarthy will now enjoy fielding questions about Madden and Woods for the next week or six. Likewise Mr. Angel.

Jennifer Lee Madden Nude Photos

So now we’ve scared out how this whole thing started. The question remains, how will it end? Before you answer, remember this story has had more blindsides than Ben Roethlisberger last December. Don’t even think about a prediction.