Nude Female Streaker Gets Help From Grandpa?

I confess my St. Patrick’s Day was rather uneventful this year. I made the unfortunate decision to hang out with a couple of young ladies who, though lovely, prevented me from testing my “drinkability” acumen with the usual band of random burnouts here on Venice Beach.

Nude Female Streaker Gets Help From Grandpa

Can’t say the same for those who attended the Guinness Premiership match between the London Irish and Northampton Saints at Madejski Stadium in Reading, England, on St. Pat’s.

They were treated this lovely lass uncovering her loins for all to see.

Nude Female Streaker Gets Help From Grandpa

In addition to her performance on the field, thankfully someone had a vidcam handy to provide us with the anatomy of her pitch-crashing preparation.  (Very NSFW video after the jump)


We hear the not-unattractive clothes dodger was rewarded with £3,000 for her naked troubles - if anyone can back that up please let us know. It’s exactly the kind of incentive scheme the Premier League could do with.

The claim of payment is a little dubious considering she didn’t appear to be promoting anything during her nude sprint. That is, unless it was part of a guerilla marketing rollout by Epilady.

But it does kinda make sense, since it appears the camera in the stands was no coincidence, as she clearly had accomplices aiding and abetting her most notable mission.

Those accomplices included an elderly chap who, in stoic, purposeful fashion, helped her remove her trench coat before racing onto the field.

Hard to tell what his affiliation was with her, so let the people decide.

The old man assisting the nude streaker

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