NU Regents: Conference Call Today About Big 10

The LINCOLN JOURNAL-STAR reports Wednesday that the Executive Committee of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents will meet today at 2:15p ET to discuss the school’s possible future conference affiliation.

When NU Regent Kent Schroeder was asked if he believed they would be discussing the realignment issue on the conference call, he said: “I anticipate that’s what it will be (about).”

NU Regents Bob Phares, Bob Whitehouse, Schroeder and Howard Hawks will be on the call.

More from Schroeder:

“It may be the purpose of this conference call today is for (University of Nebraska) President (J.B.) Milliken to get some input from the executive committee as if we do talk about (conference realignment) in closed session, who do we want to be there?

“Is Chancellor (Harvey) Perlman and athletic director (Tom) Osborne enough, or do you want to talk to other people? One of the things I’ve been reading about in the newspaper, and frankly that’s all I know about is what I’ve read, is it’s possible the research dollars would increase coming to the University of Nebraska because the Big Ten is more prestigious than the Big 12 in that regard.

So I might want to have (vice chancellor for research and economic development) Prem Paul there and ask him that question.”

Though information gathering is apparently one reason for the conference call today, there’s another factor in the hasty arrangement.

While Schroeder suspects it’s quite possible the regents might talk about the issue in closed session during Friday’s regents’ meeting, he noted that there are no votes that come out of such sessions.

“Obviously any vote is going to be made in an open session,” he said. “The question that will come today is suppose we have this closed session and come out of closed session, is it an item that needs to be advertised on the agenda.”

Schroeder said there has been no previous meetings between regents about the topic of conference realignment.

Now for the big question: Why hasn’t Chancellor Perlman or AD Osborne briefed Regents on the possibility of a move before?

Perhaps because the Big Ten has not offered an invitation.

The fact that the Regents still don’t have conference realignment on their Friday agenda could also indicate that an invitation from the Big Ten has yet to be offered.

With the Big 12’s reported June 17 deadline for Nebraska to make its conference affiliation intentions known, if Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany had already extended an invite to the Huskers, don’t you think the subject would already be set on the agenda for Friday’s Regents meeting?