It’s Now Just $750 To ‘Party’ With Auburn ‘Players’

The Auburn Family┬« is all in for the school’s BCS championship celebration Saturday at Jordan-Hare Stadium. But what is a Family member to do after luxuriating one last time in the glory that is Cam?

Auburn Party: $750 Cover Charge To Party With Players

The Hotel at Auburn University sales manager Ari Turnbull has Auburn fans covered.

As in, a $50-to-$750 cover for “a chance to party with the players” and Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew infamy at the Opelika Event Center Downtown.

Turnbull created a promotional Facebook page for the soiree which read:

Come party with the players!! Uncle Luke from 2 Live Crew is flying in from Miami to throw our team and the Auburn Fans a celebration to remember! Doors open at 10pm: phenomenal entertainment, tons of dancing, light snacks and fabulous company.

Cover: $50

VIP Diamond Package: Short entrance line, Private VIP Room, Complimentary Beverages and Hors D’oeuvres, Dedicated Cocktail Waitress, Meet Uncle Luke: $500 for individuals $750 for couples.

The Facebook account of freshman Auburn football player Corey Lemonier was among those accounts listed as planning to attend the event.

There’s no indication that current Auburn players will be receiving any extra benefits at the party not also available to any other Auburn student. But the mere mention of Auburn “players” in the context of a commercial activity that involves VIP cover charges up to $750 and a promotional appearance by a noted celebrity is surely something the NCAA would frown on. (So long as ESPN didn’t book the room.)

With The Plains still experiencing NCAA investigative climate change, you would think anyone remotely affiliated with Auburn would use a little more discretion in the promotion of any event pertaining to the football team.

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