Now A Few Thoughtful Words From James Toney

Performance enhancing drugs and cigar connoisseur James Toney, who also is the current NABO and IBA Heavyweight champion, is none too happy with Wladimir Klitschko right now. Klitschko was supposed to defend his IBF and WBO titles against David Haye on June 20, but Haye had to cancel due to a back injury. So Toney figured, hey, shouldn’t I be next in line?

Don King, James Toney

Well, no. Instead, Klitschko will take on Ruslan Chagaev, who just recently had a fight canceled against Nikolai Valuev this past Friday in Finland because of Chagaev’s high levels of the hepatitis B virus. What’s not to love about professional boxing, eh? Anyway, Toney has plenty to say about that. Highlight: When he calls Chagaev’s illness “hepatitis B, or C or whatever.”

Toney appeared on Sirius’ Pound For Pound Radio recently to vent.

“It’s called being scared of James Toney. That’s what it is. If you look at the ratings, and look at everything above, the only person left to fight is James Toney. Everybody else is either taken another fight or on vacation or whatever. I’m willing to go to Germany and woop his ass in front of 50,000 people. But they don’t want to see me. They would rather fight someone who has hepatitis B, or C or whatever it is and get infected by everybody over there. It don’t make no sense. Its stupid.”

Toney, who has been fined for testing positive for PEDs twice since 2005, says that both times it was because he was on medicine from surgeries. And that Klitschko is just using that as an excuse.

“It would just be another fight to me. He would just get knocked out this time because I’m at my right weight. I don’t see nobody in the game of boxing who’s got the skills I do. I beat John Ruiz about a week before coming on your show, next, I’ll beat him with one arm. I wasn’t even supposed to fight. The reason I fought John was because those pussy ass Klitschko brothers didn’t want to fight on that date. (After the Ruiz fight) unfortunately I was still on the medicine from the surgery and I came up positive for steroids, which is bullsh*t.”

And big finish:

“You can’t get nothing (done). Everybody is playing ‘protect the pussy’. That’s what it’s called. ‘Protect the pussy’. These guys don’t want to fight nobody.”

Toney, who will be 41 in August, is slipping into obscurity and he knows it. He actually had to give back the WBA heavyweight championship win over John Ruiz in May of 2005 after testing positive for the anabolic steroid stanozolol in the post-fight drug test. Promoters tend to shy from things like that. Is it time to start planning the James Toney Grill?