Novak Knows New York Fans Aren’t Being So Nice

Novak Djokovic jostles with the Big Apple crowd, “Who’s faking it now?”

Novak Djokovic Leryn Franco

But at least he still has Leryn Franco on his side.

• Vanderbilt vanquishes Steve Spurrier & South Carolina yet again, and even pours a little salt into the Gamecocks’ wounds.

• New coach, new players, new attitude - it all adds up to the same ol’ result for the Washington Redskins.

Stephon Marbury apparently isn’t very helpful to his relatives.

• Something’s cookin’ with Vince Young, as the Titans QB hopes you can’t beat his meat.

Beanie Wells is benched for the Buckeyes’ battle with the Bobcats.

• A well-traveled cyclist who’s survived lions & tropical ants is done in by a Greek hit & run driver.

• Perhaps Jamal “Dirty Bird” Anderson should have laid off the Wild Turkey & Grey Goose.

Arlen Spector & Spygate is like a dog with an old sock - he just won’t let it go.

• The US men’s soccer team will be kicking it in Cuba this weekend. Bet those victory cigars will taste pretty sweet.