Notre Dame To Keep Losing On NBC Through 2015

If you enjoyed watching that 3-9 football season that Notre Dame put together last year, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Navy Notre Dame

NBC has renewed their TV deal with the amusingly independent football program with a 5-year extension. Now if only coach Charlie Weis could expect such contract security.

NBC couldn’t be happier, probably because they won’t have to air another countless hours of new American Gladiators episodes. From NBC SPORTS:

“We are absolutely thrilled to be continuing our landmark agreement with Notre Dame, the most storied brand in college sports,” said Dick Ebersol, Chairman of NBC Sports.

Need I remind you that Ebersol is the same maniac who greenlighted the XFL back in 2001. That man has a penchant for crappy football. To Notre Dame’s credit, much of the TV revenue is actually going to help the university itself (or at least that’s how they sell it):

Revenues from the NBC partnership have played a key role in Notre Dame’s financial aid endowment since the start of the relationship in 1991. University officers decided then to use a portion of the football television contract revenue for undergraduate scholarship endowment (not athletic scholarships). To date, some 2,400 Notre Dame undergraduate students have received nearly $26 million in aid.

ND needs to take some of that money and buy a few good players. What? Just because they’re a prestigious academic institution doesn’t mean that they can’t splurge on a good quarterback. In fact, it’s simple supply and demand; something the Jesuits have long figured out when it comes to altar boys.