Notre Dame Game Soundtrack: Bed Intruder Song

Saturday the Western Michigan University band hat-tipped one of the year’s hottest internet phenomena by covering “Bed Intruder Song” during the Broncos football game at Notre Dame.

Western Michigan Bed Intruder Song

The song is a parody of a garden-variety though insanely amusing Alabama-based news report in July featuring over-the-top comments from an alleged crime bystander named Antoine Dodson:

After video of Dodson’s original comments went viral on Youtube, The Gregory Brothers musical group released an “auto-tuned” version of the news report. (Dodson’s voice was manipulated to make him appear to sing.)

The result has been hundreds of millions of views on Youtube, a spot on the Billboard “Hot 100″ chart and a live performance by Dodson himself of the song - with The Gregory Brothers - on the recently-aired BET Awards.

Now that you’ve heard the original “Bed Intruder Song”, here’s WMU’s version Saturday:

Why at Notre Dame? Already missed their big chance at Michigan State.