Notes From the Manny-Dodgers Honeymoon Phase

Last night I had the pleasure of taking in the Dodgers-Diamondbacks sporting contest in the cool night air of Chavez Ravine. A very, very brief summary of the event: All of the Dodgers fans want to have Manny’s babies!

Manny Ramirez and the Dodgers, in love

Seeing as it’s only Manny’s 2nd game in Dodger Blue, the fans are still in what armchair psychologists refer to as “the Honeymoon Phase” of the relationship.

According to Wikipedia, this is “the phase early in a long-term relationship characterized by greater than typical joy and lesser than typical friction. Usually during this time there is much more physical contact between the two partners in the relationship.” In other words, the place went nuts when he knocked out his first home run as a Dodger.

A partial analysis of the rest of the evening after the jump.

  • As soon as you walk into the stadium, you’re hit over the head with Manny Paraphernalia. It’s all over the place! There are Manny jerseys, Manny signs, Manny coats, “Have your picture taken with this cardboard cutout of Manny”, etc.. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the bathrooms already have Manny urinal cakes. It makes sense, seeing as he’s their first big-time slugger since, who? Mike Piazza?
  • The fans loved him so much, the second loudest cheer (after his HR) came when he made an awkward catch during a routine fly ball to left.
  • And Manny seemed to respond to the positive vibes. He was actually running out ground balls and putting a little extra oomph into his throws.
  • I wouldn’t be shocked if Manny decides to sign with the Dodgers after this season. The match of his laid-back attitude and the “we don’t get to the game until the 3rd inning” attitude of Dodgers fans kind of make sense. Plus, who else is going to pay his salary?
  • Joe Torre still refuses to put his best outfield on the field at the same time, giving Juan Pierre the start in center over Andre Ethier. That said, the Dodgers should still back into a division title. The Diamondbacks lineup isn’t very good.
  • Awesome rarity: The Dodgers threw out three Asian pitchers in a row last night, completing the game with only foreigners from the Far East. Hiroki Kuroda-to-Hong Chih Kuo-to-Chan Ho Park. I don’t know how to confirm the rarity of this event, but it seems pretty historic.

On a more personal note, the tri-top roast beef sliders are the greatest food in the world, especially with a few au jus shooters. On the flip side of that, all fries covered in blue cheese should be burned post-haste!