Not Even Famous Cards Alum Will Watch Game

Dan Dierdorf is the most famous player in Cardinals history, admittedly with little competition. So why is the Hall-of-Fame offensive lineman going to miss Arizona’s first Super Bowl appearance?

Dan Dierdorf

The afterthought of the longest-lasting MNF broadcast booth will be tooling around the West Indies on a yacht, instead of in Tampa with the rest of the Cardinal legends like…um…Emmitt Smith and Dennis Green. It’s hard to blame him - who in their right mind would schedule a vacation around an expected Arizona Super Bowl appearance?

More than a year ago, Dierdorf planned this adventure. “Silly me. I didn’t take into account that the Cardinals would be in the Super Bowl,” Dierdorf said by phone.

That doesn’t mean the greatest lineman in Cardinals history (from St. Louis 1971 to 1983) won’t see the game. “We’ve got Cardinals jerseys and we will see the game,” he said. “I’m happy, very happy for the Bidwills [who have owned the franchise since 1932]. And I’m happy for all Cardinals alums.

“I no longer have to hear how long it has been since the Cardinals won a playoff game or played in a championship game. The Cardinals are no longer on the list.”

For some reason, Dan Dierdorf is a constant source of amusement to me. I’m not sure if it’s more amusing to picture past or current Dierdorf puttering through the Caribbean. You decide.

Dan Dierdorf

Dan Dierdorf