Not Again! UNM Coach Denies Altercation Coverup

Last season Univ. of New Mexico head football coach Mike Locksley was suspended for a game after admitting to a physical altercation with former UNM assistant football coach J.B. Gerald. Gerald said that during the confrontation, Locksley punched him. Also last year Locksley was named in a sexual harassment lawsuit by a University of New Mexico employee. The school settled the case out of court.

Mike Locksley Admits To Punching Assistant Coach J.B. Gerald

Today NBC’s KOB Channel 4 in Albuquerque reports that the Univ. of New Mexico is refusing to provide the station video of an alleged altercation at a local bar last July between a UNM DAILY LOBO student newspaper reporter and Locksley despite the school acknowledging that it showed the video to the ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL. The Journal subsequently reported that no altercation took place.

New Mexico covers up Mike Locksley altercation with reporter

(A formal “Inspection of Public Records Act” request for video was also denied)

The student newspaper reported today that it was also twice refused a copy of the video after its reporter, Daily Lobo sports editor Ryan Tomari was allegedly confronted by an angry, profane Locksley at the bar on July 31. The Daily Lobo reported today that after that July alleged altercation, University of New Mexico “media relations representative Chris Deal has since apologized to Tomari on Locksley’s behalf.”

The school now claims that it no longer has the tape in its possession. The bar, which still has a copy of the tape, is also refusing to release it to the media. The school released the following statement about its decision not to release the tape:

New Mexico covers up Mike Locksley altercation with reporter

We researched an alleged dialogue that occurred between our football coach Mike Locksley and a member of the media. After viewing the video with the Albuquerque Journal, they came to the identical conclusion of the athletic department that there was no story or wrongdoing on the part of coach Locksley.”

Why not then release the tape to the public?

Locksley told KOB Thursday night that, “there was no altercation, the statement (by the school) speaks for itself.

The play of the Lobos football team also speaks for itself. Locksley’s record at UNM is 1-13 since taking over the team in the 2009, including a humiliating 72-0 loss to Oregon to open the 2010 season.

It’d be one thing if Locksley didn’t have past issues off-the-field at the school, but with this new accusation and UNM’s subsequent, absurdly evasive tactics, it appears that not only has Locksley overstayed his welcome in Albuquerque, but so has the man who has overseen the entire debacle, UNM Athletic Director Paul Krebs.