Norwegian Robber Gets B-10 Up By Bingo Players

On the exterior, messing with bingo players sounds like a rip roarin’ time. Hey, they’re usually old, feeble, and in possession of loose change. But that’s our Americentric prejudices kicking in. Try that guff in Norway, and a paper like AFTENPOSTEN might report about you, too, getting your hide handed to you in a foiled bingo parlor robbery attempt.

Larry David knows what its like to get roughed up by Bingo players

(Larry David knows what its like to get roughed up by Bingo players)

The unidentified robber drew a gun on the bingo players, but like numbers in a cage, the once-deadlocked Enemies Of The Free Space became one with the forces of justice and swarmed the intruder, pinning him on the ground “for around 13 or 14 minutes,” according to the police report.

An employee at the bingo parlor said that their establishment “is likely to give the brave bingo players some sort of recognition for thwarting the robbery.” Weighted cards are all they ask for.

And while the voracity of bingo players has no correlation with other lame tabletop games, I’d postpone indefinitely any plans to burgle in-progress games of bridge, canasta, and even Pai Gow. Those card edges can cause some surprisingly painful paper cuts.