North Texas LB Killed Execution Style In Drug Deal

The University of North Texas doesn’t have a storied football program, but it has produced some intriguing teams, sporting running backs who keep getting the ball and motoring down field behind an under-appreciated offensive line. Add to that the fact that they’re the Mean Green, and there’s actually been reason to cast an occasional eye over to Denton in recent years. Well, now there’s reason for considerable concern on campus, after Germaine Dawson, a senior linebacker on the team, was killed in a drug deal gone bad last Friday, shot once in the head execution-style.

germaine dawson north texas

According to Dallas’ KWTX-10 NEWS, Dawson’s murder is being investigated as a drug deal-induced homicide, and an 18-year-old named Ryan Trenard Harrison from Dallas is being held in connection with the murder.

Dawson’s girlfriend reportedly told police that her boyfriend disappeared after driving to meet a man from Dallas for a drug deal. The former Rockdale High star was allegedly looking to offload a marijuana, and was put in touch with Harrison through a mutual friend (or perhaps a mutual supplier? Who knows). When he never came back the next day, the friend called Harrison, who offered this cryptic assessment of the deal.

“(Harrison) told him he that he had the weed and the money and things went left.”

So, “went left” is now a street euphemism for murder. Good to know.

Dawson’s former coach, North Texas’s Todd Dodge, remembered him in a slightly more holistic light.

“The thing that I will always remember about Germaine was that he had a plan and wanted to coach and work with young people. I always respected him for the time he would spend over the summer working with kids and the relationships that he had with so many young athletes.”

There’s a joke to be made about his relationships with young athletes, but it’s in really poor taste so we’re not going to write it. Instead, we’re just going to shake our head at another college football tragedy, one that seems particualrly hard to understand.