North Carolinians Still Unaware Of Own NHL Team

Do you know who the Carolina Hurricanes are? Because almost one-fifth of its home state residents do not.

Carolina Hurricanes trophy

(Someone put the Stanley Cup in the wash, and it shrunk!)

YAHOO’s PUCK DADDY skates over a recent poll asked to North Carolina citizens about sports in the Tar Heel state. And when it came to questions about their local NHL franchise, the responses were not good:

“Did you know that North Carolina has a professional ice hockey team, the Carolina Hurricanes?” While 82 percent answered “yes,” that meant 18 percent of respondents were unaware the Hurricanes played in their state after 11 years.

Pretty bad for a franchise that has a Stanley Cup championship under its belt. Then again, when your league chooses Versus over ESPN for game coverage, its no surprise that any team would be recognized by the general public.

What’s worse for the ‘Canes is that their real-life lack of recognition is playing out just like this 2006 article from The Onion:

Onion article Carolina Hurricanes