North Carolina Takes Down Marion Jones Photos

Marion Jones has become quite the sore heel for her UNC alma mater:

Marion Jones North Carolina basketball

The GUARDIAN reports that the Chapel Hill school has removed photos of their fast-footed alumnus from their Track & Field Hall of Honor.

The pictures were of Jones’ performances at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. However, Marion recently admitted using steroids, so she was stripped of her medals from Down Under, and sent up the river for 6 months.

In regards to the Sydney snapshots, athletic department spokesman Steve Kirschner said, “We did not think it was right to have those photos up.”

Does this mean she’s been socially tarred & feathered by the Tar Heel Nation forever?

Not entirely. Her basketball jersey will still continue to hang from the rafters, due to her play with the 1994 national championship team. And her track & field accomplishments will not be erased from the school’s record books.

Kirschner explained, “We did not feel there was any reason to take down something she had earned fairly while she was competing here. But what she did in the 2000 Olympics has been stricken, and it should be.”

We wonder if North Carolina has any other post-collegiate photos of their famous alumni hanging in their hallowed halls.

Like this one:

Michael Jordan stoned

Or any action shots like these:

Michael Jordan Cabo Coeds