Nolan Richardson Talking With Arkansas…State

Nolan Richardson is hog wild about coaching college basketball in Arkansas again. The ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT GAZETTE reports that the ex-Razorbacks coach has been chatting with Arkansas State officials about their opening.

nolan richardson

Richardson’s interest in the Indians’ job shows he misses being part of the collegiate game. Oh, and he’s running out of money.

Nolan had been receiving $500,000 a year from the University of Arkansas as part of his 2002 buyout. However, that contract is up in June. As Richardson pointed out at a recent Little Rock luncheon, the “golden handcuffs” are about to come off.

Nolan Richardson sings

He’s also probably looking for a reason to say adios to Mexico.

Richardson’s jonesin’ for employment in Jonesboro really seems to be about Nolan wanting to get back to doing what he really loves:

It’s a job, and it’s all about what I enjoy doing. I enjoy the part of making boys men.”

Well, what more can be said after that?

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