Packers’ Herron Uses Bedpost To Beat Up Burglar

A couple of Green Bay burglars learned a valuable lesson over the weekend - you don’t mess with Noah Herron, and especially with his house.

Noah Herron Green Bay Packers

The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL reports that the Packers running back fended off some home invaders last Friday, even sending one suspect to the hospital - courtesy of a bashing from a bed post.

Herron called police around 11:19 p.m. Friday evening, saying he heard glass breaking in the downstairs of his house, and that “an unknown number of intruders were inside the residence.”

That’s when Noah took matters into his own hands. From WLUK-TV:

When one of the intruders went into Herron’s bedroom, Herron unscrewed a bedpost and hit the intruder in self-defense. The person, who investigators did not identify, was injured and taken to the hospital. Herron was not hurt.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Department sided with Noah in his act of self-defense, saying that he “used necessary, reasonable and justifiable force in protecting his life and property.” So, no lawsuits here then.

Authorities also arrested a second suspect outside of Herron’s home, reportedly with property stolen from another residence. And now, it might turn out that Herron’s heroics may have broken up a home burglary ring. From the J-S:

Neither suspect has been officially charged. One is still hospitalized and another is being held at the Brown County Jail on unrelated warrants and a probation hold. The investigation is ongoing and the two suspects are being questioned in numerous burglaries and home invasions throughout Brown County, authorities reported today.

Packers GM Ted Thompson said the team has talked to Herron about the incident and added, “We support Noah, and ask that his privacy be respected. Noah and the Packers will have no further comments on this matter.”

Well, we’ll comment on the matter then - Way to go, Noah!

Under Armour may have a new spokesman on their hands with Herron, with the way Noah showed how he must protect his house.

And if anything else, Derdre Rodriguez must be very proud.