No Wonder Alabamians So Well-Informed On Cam

Birmingham’s CBS 42 was recently honored as recipient of six awards from the Alabama Broadcasters Association, including the coveted Television Station of the Year Award, and three Associated Press Awards.

Cecil Newton Church Investigation With CBS 42

(This is what I like to call “boots on the ground”)

Those kind of honors don’t just award themselves, they’re created from the kind of blood, sweat and effort we were privileged by CBS 42’s Mike McClanahan Sunday night - with his hard-hitting report on the Cam Newton recruitment investigation.

McClanahan took the story to the next level by showing his viewers the church owned by Cam Newton’s father - from across the street.

And by not just grabbing anyone off the street as they happened past during McClanahan’s five-minute driveby, the Murrow-esque reporter blessed us with keen insight into what’s really going on in front of behind the scenes at Bishop Newton’s mothballed place of worship:

Despite all the attention the allegations are getting, they are just allegations. No one has been found guilty of any wrongdoing and the NCAA investigation is still underway.

No sugarcoating here!

Can you imagine where we’d be on the Cam story if it wasn’t for the Alabama Television Station of the Year?