Dude Selling Bootleg Jasper Howard Merchandise

The NEW HAVEN REGISTER reports the attorney general of Connecticut is demanding that a website stop selling Jasper Howard-themed t-shirts, despite claims by the site’s owner that proceeds go to the fallen UConn player’s memorial fund.

Jasper Howard TShirt

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said Friday that Game Day Tease is using UConn logos and images from its Web site without permission to sell items purporting to raise money for Howard’s family.

Blumenthal says the Pennsylvania-based company never registered any fundraising efforts with state agencies as required, and called it a “shameful and unlawful exploitation of Jasper Howard’s tragic death for commercial purposes.”

Braden Byler, the proprietor of the site, claims all monies from the shirt sales would go to Howard’s family. And that “he’s in the process of linking with an established nonprofit so the proceeds will go to charity as promised.

Shouldn’t he have thought of that before he started selling the shirts?

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And now instead of just going away, Byler has another scheme to keep the shirt sales going.

Byler said the business is removing UConn’s “C” logo from the Game Day Tease products to satisfy copyright rules and is taking other steps to comply with state and federal laws.

Now Byler’s going to keep the story going to milk the publicity for all its worth - so he can sell a few more obscene t-shirts. Double-dipping on dude’s death. Nice work.

Meanwhile, UConn is also getting into the “official” Jasper Howard merch business.

The retail price of the Navy Blue tee will be $20 and 100 percent of all profit realized between the wholesale cost of the tees for the retailers and the $20 retail price will be donated to the two funds established in Jasper Howard’s honor (The Jasper T. Howard Endowed Scholarship and The Jasper Howard Fund).

Nice gesture, until the shirts end up on Ebay and are resold at a personal profit to the owner’s.

Never ends, does it?